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Webinar: Setting Yourself Up For Self-Publishing Success
Monday 3rd June, 8pm (BST)

This webinar is for indie authors looking to get their self-publishing business off to the best start! It’s also for those who have already published but want to scale and sell more books!

I will not be sharing a ‘get rich quick scheme’ (yeah, sorry!), but instead, I’ll show you that it is 100% possible to make a scalable income through self-publishing.

During this webinar, I will provide an introduction to the business of self-publishing and cover the key things I believe you should get right from the start. This includes publishing strategy as well as practicalities like producing your book, printing and distribution options, book launch strategy – and more!

The webinar will be 60-90 minutes and will include time for a Q&A at the end.

Please note: This webinar will be run on Zoom and will be recorded, so everyone who registers will receive the video replay.

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About your host

I've published 22 books and sold over 135,000 paperback copies - at a profit. I've had 1.3M Kindle Unlimited page reads and been an Amazon best-seller numerous times. I've won literary awards; my latest book was highly commended at The Selfies Awards 2024 at The London Book Fair. I've learned a lot about self-publishing along the way, and I want to share that with you!

If you would like 1:1 support, I offer pay-as-you-go mentoring sessions for indie authors looking to learn and succeed in publishing. You can book directly with me here.

Kirstie x

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