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Why did I choose self-publishing?

Before I go into why I chose to self-publish, I’ll start by telling you where I began my writing journey.

In 2016 (it seems like a lifetime ago now!) I chose to quit my corporate job and start a new business. I wanted to inspire children to enjoy reading and writing stories so I set up Telltale Tots – my storytelling business. Telling stories to the children was a complete joy and I loved seeing them fully immersed in the story-inspired activities. As I had the time and mental space, I also picked up writing again, but more seriously this time. Something that had always been a hobby before quickly grew into a passion, and the children from the storytelling sessions inspired me to publish my first book.

I cautiously entered the world of self-publishing in 2018 with my book, ‘The Witch’s Cat and The Cooking Catastrophe’. Other than the illustrations by the fabulous Magdalena Sawko, I did everything myself and learned everything the hard way. I loved it! Being involved in every step came with the stress and pressure of managing everything, it also gave me full creative control to just let my imagination free.

Did I consider traditional publishing?

Short answer? Yes!

But after some research into what that would entail, I decided that it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to wait around for someone else to tell me my work was good enough. I knew it was good enough, and so I decided to back myself.

Any regrets?

Absolutely not, I am so glad I’ve chosen to do this! It will always be a risk, self-publishing, and it will come with a lot of upfront costs. I didn’t sell many copies in my first year, but at the end that didn’t matter. I have since learned the business and now sold over 50,000 copies of that first book. Making considerably more profit than I may have done in a traditional publishing deal.

Not only that, I caught the bug for writing and publishing, I bet on myself, and I have learned so much in doing so! I’ve taken all those learnings and since published several more books, including Pirate Mouse in 2020, and most recently my children’s chapter book: Tales of The Witch’s Cat: The Puppy Problem. I still love doing it!

I have continued telling stories to children, mostly now through school visits. I love inspiring their imaginations and encouraging them to delve into the exciting world of books.

This indie publishing lark isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it might be one of the most fulfilling things you’ll do! If you haven’t already – go publish that book!

What story do you need to tell?

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