Indie-Author Services


Self-Publishing Help

There are LOTS of decisions to be made when you're independently publishing a book - and at times, I know,  it can feel very overwhelming.

If you're planning, or are in the midst of publishing, your children's picture book and are feeling a bit stuck or alone - I can help!

"No matter what stage you're at in your publishing journey,

there's no need to go it alone."

  • Planning your timeline

  • Refining your idea

  • Determining your target reader

  • Looking for an illustrator  

  • Selecting a printer and distributor

  • Marketing 

  • Planning school visits

  • Launching your book

I've been there. Over the past 3 years of indie-publishing my own books, I've learned a lot. I've made mistakes, but I've also had some big wins. In the last few months, I have sold over 25,ooo books - at a profit, with big plans for 2021.


One thing I wish I had throughout my journey, was an experienced sounding board - someone to answer my questions, to give me ideas, and to help make everything a little less stressful.

I offer a pay-as-you-go indie-author support service, which is £100 per hour

OR 6 x 1-hour sessions for £450

Sessions can be face-to-face over a coffee (distance and Covid permitting) or online via Zoom.

I will give you maximum value for your investment. I will tailor our session to your needs and, during that time, you can ask me as many questions as you want. It will be your time to get what you need - and you're guaranteed to come away with a solid action plan and the confidence to make it happen.

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Storytelling Skills

Would you like to build your confidence in reading aloud and improve your storytelling skills? 


I offer fun, practical, instructional sessions for you to learn how to bring all the magic of a story to your young audience.

Storytelling Skills sessions are currently £100 per hour.

Sessions can be face-to-face over a coffee or online via Zoom.

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